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Tutorapik.com is a website that provides all information about the needs of electronic goods, ranging from household electronic equipment, smartphones, cameras, computers and laptops. All the articles that we write on this site are the result of personal opinion but there are also some that are sourced from the internet.

This site was founded in 2020 to be exact (1 February 2020) with the aim of providing information about various electronic goods currently available. And, we as site developers hope to assist you in choosing electronic goods that suit your needs.

Therefore, as much as possible we will continue to update information about the development of electronic goods for you. In addition, we also hope that this site can further be your reference in choosing good and quality electronic products.

Finally, we as the manager of the Tutorapik.com website are also very open to receiving criticism and suggestions. If you have any questions about this site, you can directly contact us via the contact we have provided.

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